Sunday, 9 January 2011

Novaj fenestraĵoj

Dankon al Janelle kiu rakontis al mi pri kelkaj utilaj fenestraĵoj. Popoloj nun povas aboni al ĉi tiu blogo per retpoŝto aŭ abonfluo. Vi ricevos novaĵojn kiam mi skribas novajn blogoskribaĵojn. Ĝuu!

New widgets
Thankyou to Janelle who told me about several useful widgets. People can now subscribe to this blog through email or newsfeed. You will receive news when I write new blog posts. Enjoy!


  1. You are very welcome you can also get themed backgrounds if you like at
    I am still trying to work out this language of yours only think I recognised was my name and Dankon which sounds like thankyou anyway looks German lol

  2. A themed background sounds good. I'll see if there are any that are easily modified to my needs. If not, I guess I'll be designing from scratch when I have some time!

    You're right that 'dankon' looks German. Esperanto draws words from many different European languages. A lot of sentences end up being easily understood in English as a result, because English also includes a similarly 'borrowed' vocabulary.

    For instance, 'Mi vidas la grandan hundon'(I see the big dog):
    I = mi, which sounds like the English 'me'
    see = vidas, which has the same Latin root as the English 'vision' or 'video'
    la = the, more like French than English but easy to recognise
    granda(n) = big, like the English 'grand'
    hundo(n) = dog, like 'hound'.